Makro is an international brand of warehouse clubs. The ownership of the worldwide chain of stores is split between Metro AG in Europe and SHV Holdings in Latin America.

Makro stores are not open to the general public but only to businesses that must be registered members in order to gain entry to the store.


As more and more consumers visited and bought on its websites, consumer spiked as did the number of contacts per order, bringing operational costs up and customer satisfaction down.

eCommerce could be a massively profitable arm but for the pressure on its contact centers. They needed a knowledge management solution to cope with the retailer’s growth.


Makro selected Polly to manage customer inquiries on its website. The knowledge management solution comes with out-of-the-box templates for self-service and internal-facing knowledge portals.

Polly helped Makro create brand-aligned portals and contextual widgets where both customers and contact center agents could easily find answers made available from a centralized multilingual knowledge base.


With the business benefits enabled by Polly’s contact center knowledge management and web self-service solution, Makro did overachieve its goals!


The deployment was completed within three weeks. In the first week, the business received 23% fewer emails and phone calls. Email traffic reduced by 41%, a good 11% more than the target! The number of contacts per order came down by an average of 29%. And, best of all, customer satisfaction increased.

email traffic

contacts per order

Makro needed to focus on improving overall CX due to the thin margins in Retail. The multilingual self-service portals are very successful and even though the Lisbon CC agents have never visited a Makro store, they provide delightful and first-time-right service thanks to the knowledge base.

Manager Customer Services, Makro Cash and Carry Belgium